Monday, November 18, 2013

'13-'14 Cambridge IV

UAA debaters step up at the Cambridge Intervarsity 

On November 16-17th, 2013, the contingent of UAA debaters made another appearance in

Europe at the Cambridge Intervarsity debate competition. The team of Matthew Fox & Matthieu

Ostrander along with Matthew Stinson & Sarah Elton demonstrated their strength as a team

against 260 of the world’s top debaters. Topics for debate ranged from US involvement in the

targeted killing of the Tehrik-i-Talibani of Pakistan to whether religious charities should be

banned from proselytizing. Both teams were within striking distance of breaking to elimination

rounds. After five preliminary rounds of competition, the team of Fox & Ostrander missed the

elimination break by a single point while Stinson & Elton missed it by two points of the 15

possible. Next the team splits as they travel debaters December 6th-8th to Boston and the Seattle

University Worlds Debate tournament. For more information, please contact Steve Johnson (786-4391)

or Amie Stanley (786-4354).

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